Hotline: 71-289-62-16

Company Staff

Chairman of Board

Quvvatov Qahramon Tursunmuhamadovich

Date of birth: 1967
Education: Higher
University Bukhara food and light production technological institut
Speciality: Engineer-technologist
Date of appointment: 2020

Director for Production, Localization, Expansion of Cooperative Relations in Industry

Smirnov Valeriy Dmitrovich

Born: 1967
Education: Higher education
University name: Tashkent Informatino Texnology University
Major: Electrocommunication
Appointment date: 2018

Director of Finance

Kadirov Abduvaris Abduvasitovich

Birth date: 1973
Education: Higher
University: Tashkent State University of Economy
Speciality: Banking
Appointment date: 2018

Production Manager

Xolboyev Xursand Yulbarsovich

Date of birth: 1974
Eduction: Higher
University:  Tashkent Chemistry-Technology Institut
Specialty: Engineer-technologist
Date of appointment: 2018

Chief Accountant

Eshmamatov Abdumurov Maxmudovich

Date of birth: 1970
Eduction: Higher
University Tashkent Financial Institut
Speciality: Accounting and audit
Date of appointemnt: 2014